Free Beard Hat Pattern

Here’s my pattern for a beard hat from my recent guest post on JJCrochet. I had a blast doing the guest post and making this hat!

Reasons you need to make this project, this weekend:

A: It’s freezing out there!
B: The lumberjack look is so hot this season.
C: St. Paddy’s Day leprechaun costume?
D: My beard is way comfier than this beard.

I had been wanting to make a beard hat for awhile, but all the patterns I could find online weren’t quite what I was looking for. My wish list included, a big enough mouth space, ear coverage, and full chin coverage. So I made my own and now you can too.

I loved using the foundation chain (fch) stitch in this pattern. The foundation chain lets the beard be stretchier than using a plain chain would allow. And stretch is key when you’re pulling this hat on like a face mask. The foundation chain also makes the mustache area just a tiny bit thicker and we don’t want any wimpy mustaches around here.

Here’s how to do the foundation chain (fch):

Chain 2

Insert hook into 2nd chain from hook

Yarn over, pull up a loop (2 loops on hook)

Yarn over, pull through both loops (1 loop on hook). First dch made.

First fch made

For remaining fch stitchs, insert hook under the strand to the left (if crocheting right handed) of the hook, yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over pull through two loops.

What you’ll need for the beard:

-Red Heart worsted weight yarn (about 50 yards)
-K hook

Ready? Let’s go!

Fch 31

Row 1: Chain 1 (counts as first sc now an throughout), * dc, sc *, repeat * to * 15 more times (31 stitches)

Row 2: Chain 2 (counts as first dc now and throughout), * sc, dc *, repeat * to * 15 more times

Rows 3-8: Repeat rows 1 and 2

Row 9: ch 1 (Counts as first sc), *dc, sc* 5 times (11 stitches), fch 9, (up to 20 stitches), *sc, dc* 5 times, end with another sc. (31 stitches total)

Row 10: Repeat row 2

Weave in ends.

Optional step: Hold the beard up to your face, look in the mirror, and laugh until your sides hurt.

Now sew the beard to a hat. I used this free pattern from JJCrochet.

Here the hat is inside out to show approximate placement I like. The beard goes smack dab in the middle of the hat then the front tilts up an inch or two. Just sew along the edges of the beard, not all the way to the edge of the hat. You’ll see why soon.

I think it looks like a football helmet inside out-anybody else?

One more cool thing about this hat; even with the beard sewn in, it can be worn as a plain hat. just fold the hat in and off you go! (This is why you only sewed along the edge of the beard back there)

I swear, there's a beard in there!

You are now the proud owner of a beard hat! Gift it away, stay warm outside, and make up a stack for your jealous friends.

If you already have too many projects in process and don’t have time for this one, you can head over here and order a custom made beard


2 thoughts on “Free Beard Hat Pattern

    • Hi Alisa! I’ve stopped taking orders for a while. There are some other great crocheters out there with similar beard hats. I’d suggest taking a look there. Thanks for the interest!


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