This post brought to you by summer

Roy G. Biv is my homeboy.  I just can’t get enough bright, happy colors in the summer.  I’ve got pink sandals, neon shirts, and rainbow jewelry.  I noticed that one thing in my wardrobe was severely lacking some punch: bobby pins. This project isn’t complicated or mind-blowing by any means but if you want to … Continue reading

Judge my eBook by it’s cover

Since I don’t get paid $100 every time I blog (shout out to Kendra), I don’t blog when I don’t feel like it.  And since I got my Kindle a couple months ago, walking ALL the way downstairs, picking up my huge laptop, and walking ALL the way upstairs seems like way too much work … Continue reading

Game time! I spy edition

The last in my series of things I sent my sister off to college with. The others of course are the octopus stuffie and the sheep poster. This is another poster because that’s pretty standard college decor. I had done a 3d perspective type poster like this as a project for an art class in … Continue reading

A head(er) above the rest

Check me out! I mean, check out my new blog page. Notice anything hmmmm? Yes, my brand new header! How cute is that? My friend Kym made it for me. She’s an ar-teest and teacher and shrinky-dink master. (See here) Well I really really like my new look because it pumps me up for real, … Continue reading

I love ewe

I like to think of myself as a kind of animal trendsetter. You know how there is always a hot animal of the moment? I totally pick it. A few years ago I liked owls. Boom! Owls are on EVERYTHING. Then I settled into peacocks. One killer Halloween costume later (thanks Lindsey!), and peacocks are … Continue reading